Central has a Blog!

Here at Central Baptist Church our desire is to preach, teach and live the gospel for the glory of God. We believe that in order to live out the gospel you must first know it. You can’t live out something you don’t understand; that is why we emphasize the importance of preaching and teaching. Too often churches skip right past the why and get to the doing, and I firmly believe that is a great mistake. If I may, think about it from a business perspective for a moment. Would you welcome a new member to the company and immediately put them out into the field to represent you without giving them any sort of training? The obvious answer is no, of course we would never do such a thing. However, within the church today that is exactly what we do. We don’t want to waste time thinking through what we believe and what we are doing and why we are doing it; instead we just want to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Let me say that I too desire that we be the hands and feet of Christ, but we first need to know who we are, and whom the God is we are serving, otherwise our service will be misguided at best. Over the last four years I have desired to challenge us to think more deeply about what we believe and why we believe it, because I firmly believe that to do so makes us all better servants of God. I don’t buy the line that to think theologically about things is to become inwardly focused instead, I dare say that to think more theologically about things will make us more effective as we reach out to the world around us.

With that being said, it is often hard to address many of the issues that inevitably come up in the life of the church. Many times decisions are made to do certain things in certain ways and it is hard to address the why with the entire congregation. It is with this in mind that we have created the “Central Staff Blog.” The word blog means web log, and it is a chronicle or online diary. With that in mind, our desire is that this will be a place where we can share with you some of the things that the Lord has been dealing with us about as your staff, and share about things pertinent to the church that just can’t be done well through a blurb in the bulletin or an insert.

My hope is that through this platform you will be better able to know the heart of your ministerial staff, and stay informed about things that are happening in and through the Body of Christ at Central Baptist Church. Each week there will be a new blog post, and the ministerial staff will take turns writing the blog for the week. Each blog will be from the perspective of that particular staff member and as a result will more than likely be related to their area of ministry.

I hope that through this blog you will be informed and challenged to think more deeply about the why behind much that goes on in the church and culture. Too often the things we do are so pragmatically driven; meaning they are only concerned with whether it works. As the people of God the why always matters. The why is often the difference between what the world does and what the church does. Everything we do should be intentionally rooted in the truth of God as He has revealed through His Word. We realize that in many forums it is often hard to completely flesh out, but hopefully this blog will enable us to flesh out the why behind many things about which you may wonder.

Most of us on the staff are new to blogging, so please bear with us as we start this new journey using this new medium. As always, please pray for us as well. Pray that we would use this forum in a way to promote unity within the body of Christ while spurring one another on to love and good deeds just as the writer of Hebrews stated. I want to leave you with asking you to help us as we start this new journey. One of the ways you can help us is encouraging fellow church members to follow this blog. The blog contains a follow button, and by following the blog you will receive email notices when the blog is updated. The more people that follow the blog the more effective this form of communication can be in preaching, teaching and living the gospel for the glory of God!


Michael Meadows